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The Multiplication Poster - PDF Download

The Multiplication Poster - PDF Download

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There is something powerful about learning something without even knowing you're learning it.
The best lifelong learning happens this way. We've created a Times Table Poster that adds beauty to any room and teaches in this special way.
There are literally thousands of Times Tables Posters out there but none like this one.

" The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The willingness to learn is a choice "

Product Details:
  • Printed as one single poster print. Any size A4 - A0 
  • 12 x Tables.
  • Available in 3 colours. Blue - Pink - Rainbow
  • Most common print size is A2
  • To hang, we recommend using Scotch Restickable Mounting Tabs (available at any stationery retailer)
  • Recommended Paper Stock matt white (paper weight 160gsm or US equivalent 60lb).
Copyright Information:
  • You can download The Miriam Bereson Planner for personal use only (for yourself or for gifts). You cannot resell. Doing so is an infringement of copyright law.
© 2024 miriam bereson 
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