Why Have We Gone Digital?

To My Dear Customers,

The year my father passed away, I decided I wasn't going to produce the planner. It was just a weird year - 2016. I received an email from a mother desperate to receive the new yearly planner for her son. She explained that he loved it and looked forward to receiving it every year. When I told her of my decision, she  sounded so disappointed that it got me thinking.

I wondered if I sent her a digital file, whether or not she could print it herself? She did!  BINGO! If we could do it for one, we could do it for all..

The digital world has made it possible for the customer to 'print their own'. Being able to send digital files and print 'one off' individual copies changes everything.  We've found ourselves, in a position whereby we can continue to produce our products with a much lighter footprint on our planet. 

The most positive outcome of this transition is that we are reducing impact on our environment whilst still being able to create high quality design.

And to top it all off, funnily enough, the customer ( you ) ends up paying less!

Somehow, whether by choice or just pure chance, technology has become our friend.


Miriam Bereson                               

September 1, 2023