Miriam Bereson completed a fine art / education degree from the University of Melbourne in the mid 80’s. Her final year painting portfolio was quickly purchased by a leading Melbourne architect and it looked certain that a career in painting beckoned.

Although painting was an obvious passion, not long after graduating Miriam took up a position as an art teacher at Bialek College Melbourne and becoming the head of the secondary art department.

Whilst teaching, Miriam produced a range of hand made greeting cards and sold them to boutique gift and book stores through out Melbourne and Sydney. Her cards soon caught the attention of the person employed by Country Road to set up their original homewares division. Miriam was commissioned to produce a range of greeting cards exclusively for Country Road stores throughout Australia.

Miriam moved from full time to part time teaching to accommodate the growth in popularity of her design work.

Throughout the nineties Miriam Bereson built a company that manufactured and sold her beautiful original products all over the world. Miriam went on to win numerous awards including the prestigious Telstra Business Women’s Award.

Over the last five to six years the business has seen somewhat of a renaissance however, her artwork this time around, is unashamedly influenced by the children. The one constant however, is the original bold graphic and typeface that is, and will always be, miriam’s signature trademark.

As Miriam always ends with her work " open gently, express freely play…"